Saving The Jacob Pike

About The Jacob Pike

The Jacob Pike, an 83-foot sardine carrier, built in Thomaston, Maine, by Newbert and Wallace in 1949, went down in the New Meadows River between Sheep and Dingley Island during the first storm that thrashed Maine at the beginning of January. Due to recent neglect, she was in the worst shape for one of the worst storms Maine has seen in decades. The Jacob Pike, named after Jacob Clark Pike of Lubec, Maine, was built for the Holmes Packing Corporation, which was owned by Jacob’s son, Moses B. Pike. The Jacob Pike is widely known across the Coast as Maine's most iconic sardine carrier. She was the second refrigerated carrier on the East coast. The first, being The Mary Anne, sister ship to The Jacob Pike, built two years prior in 1947 for the Holmes Packing Corporation. The Mary Anne went aground in the 1960’s and was unable to be saved.

The Jacob Pike went down while still on her mooring, and currently sits in shallow water fully intact and able to be safely floated ashore. Proceeds will be used to bring her back into service.

Join our team dedicated to put her back above the ocean's surface where she belongs.

In the event she cannot be saved, proceeds will be donated to the Maine Lobsterman's Association.

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The Man Behind the Mission

Sumner, the great-grandson of Moses B. Pike, is a 21 year old Midshipman enrolled in the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York. Currently studying to obtain a degree in marine engineering, he has been a lifelong resident of Chebeague Island. Drawn to a vocation on the water, “everything maritime” could sum up his drive. It must be in the blood, as his great-great-grandfather Jacob Pike himself jumped out of a classroom window in eighth grade to avoid a switching; vowing not to return until he was captain of his own vessel. And, that’s exactly what he did.

Sumner’s goal is to return the Jacob Pike to service, and has spent the last month working to organize this campaign in an effort to save The Jacob Pike from an ignoble end.

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